What Are Lipomas and Can They Be Removed?

Growths under the skin can be alarming but many are not dangerous. One growth that is common amongst older individuals is a lipoma. These fatty growths are usually not cancerous or problematic but can appear in visible areas on the face. They are most common in people over 40 and can become distracting if they grow large. Lipoma removal is an option for those who are unhappy with the appearance of a facial lipoma, but the procedure should be performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon.

Why Do Lipomas Appear?

There is no known reason that lipomas appear. These soft lumps are just a collection of fatty tissue that begins forming in one spot. Lipomas are usually not painful or pose any type of health risk. Though they do seem to be more common in people with a family history of lipomas, anyone could have one form. They grow slowly and can be anywhere from the size of a dime to as large as a baseball.

Removing a Lipoma

The only effective way to remove a lipoma is through surgery. Since most lipomas that people want removed are in an exposed area like the face, it is important to have the growth carefully removed to avoid scarring. A facial plastic surgeon can use advanced techniques to remove the growth without leaving a noticeable scar behind. The procedure is usually performed during an office visit under local anesthesia with little to no downtime required after the surgery.

If you have a lipoma that you want removed, consult an experienced plastic surgeon. In a quick procedure, these fatty lumps can be removed to help you feel more confident in your appearance.

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Does Facial Cyst Removal Require Plastic Surgery?

Cysts under the skin are a common issue but are rarely a health concern. Most are caused by a blocked oil gland or formed from excess keratin production after damage to the skin but are not cancerous or even painful. However, when cysts appear on the face, it can become an aesthetic concern and many people want the cyst removed. While most doctors or dermatologists can remove a cyst, there are some legitimate reasons to seek the skill of a facial plastic surgeon.

Cysts can be removed by either draining or incision. Draining a cyst will flatten the area, but often the cyst will come back. Incision can remove the entire cyst and usually it will not return, but it can also cause a scar. Dermatologists and primary care physicians can perform draining or incision to remove a cyst, but they are not experts in hiding the evidence of the procedure.

Why to Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon for Cyst Removal

A skilled facial plastic surgeon can carefully remove a facial cyst through incision without causing a noticeable scar. Their knowledge of how to create incisions that can heal without any visible trace is a talent that other doctors usually do not possess. Where the incision is placed, and the technique used can ensure the cyst is permanently removed without leaving a noticeable scar that will blemish the face.

If you have a facial cyst that is causing your embarrassment or discomfort, but you are concerned about scarring from removal, seek the advice of an experienced facial plastic surgeon that offers cyst removal. They can examine your cyst and give you options, including surgery, to permanently rid you face of your cyst.

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Is a Mini Facelift Right for You?

Aging is a fact of life; you cannot stop the process but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to slow down the appearance of aging on your face. There are many cosmetic procedures that can treat lines, wrinkles and sagging skin/tissue. One option is the mini facelift. It is important to understand what this procedure can do, and what it does not. Here are some basics on a mini facelift and what you can expect.

For one, not all mini facelifts are the same. Each plastic surgeon may have a slightly different approach to this procedure. However, it usually involves lifting and tightening the jowls, neckline and check area. This can help with the following aging issues in the lower face:

  • Deep nasolabial folds around the nose and mouth
  • Bags under the eyes due to sagging cheek pads
  • Smoothing lines around the mouth, nose and neckline
  • Tightening jowls and improving definition in the cheeks and chin areas

Mini facelifts are designed for those who are just beginning to have sagging and lines in the lower face region and usually has less downtime than a full facelift. It does not generally address the brow or eyes. However, it can be combined with other cosmetic procedure that work on specific areas in the higher portions of the face. Those with more progressed aging may want to consider a full or deep plane facelift that is designed to have a more overall effect on the face.

To find out if a mini facelift is right for you, it is best to meet with a qualified plastic surgeon that offers this procedure. They can discuss what results you can expect and advise you on whether this procedure will give you the look you desire.

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Four Reasons People Choose to Get a Chin Implant

When you think of facial plastic surgery procedures, the chin may not be the feature you first consider. Rhinoplasty, or the “nose job,” is one of the most popular options, along with facelifts, eye lifts or lip augmentation. However, enhancing the chin can have a substantial impact on the overall appearance of a face, drastically changing their profile and facial balance. Here are four reasons people choose to undergo chin implant plastic surgery.

  1. Weak chin. The most obvious reason to get a chin implant is when you have a weak, receding or undefined chin. For those whose chin slants into their neck, a chin implant can improve their profile.
  2. Defined neck. Chin implants are often combined with a neck lift or neck liposuction to define the neck for a more youthful appearance. The implant lifts the chin and creates a distinct jaw line to improve the neck area.
  3. Balance the face. A beautiful face is not due to one feature, but a combination and balance of the features. A chin implant can lengthen the face for balance, improving the overall attractiveness of the face.
  4. Reconstruction. If injury or trauma has occurred to the jaw, a chin implant may be part of the reconstruction process to rebuild the chin and jaw.

If you have a weak, receding or unremarkable chin, adding a chin implant can define your jaw line and neck area while balancing your facial features. Seek a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in genioplasty or chin implants to determine whether this procedure could offer the aesthetic change to your appearance you desire.

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Bring Out Your Cheekbones with a Cheek Reduction

Chubby cheeks are cute when you are a kid, but as an adult, a rounded face is not always the look you want. Most people’s cheeks thin as they get older, bringing out their cheekbones and a more mature face. However, others may have cheeks that continue to create a “cute” appearance well into their twenties and thirties. A cheek reduction can help sculpt the face and bring out those cheekbones for a more mature, angular-shaped face.

The cheeks are an important component to the overall look of your face. Too little fat in your cheeks can make you look older, tired and gaunt. Too much fat can make your face look heavy and “cherub-like,” which may not be the appearance you prefer in your professional and social life. The right balance of fat creates a well-shaped face that shows the contours of your cheekbones while keeping a youthful softness. A cheek reduction can create that perfect balance for the mature face you desire.

Cheek Reduction Surgery

To reduce the fat content of the cheeks and bring out the bone structure of your face, a buccal fat reduction surgery can be completed. This facial plastic surgery usually involves a small incision placed inside the mouth to remove excess fat without leaving a visible scar. The results can eliminate full or chipmunk cheeks and bring out the cheekbones for a more svelte appearance to the face.

If you want to slim your face and highlight the angular shape of your bone structure, a cheek reduction surgery may be right for you. Contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon that offers cheek reduction surgery for a consultation to learn more.

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What is Nostril Refinement and Lightening?

Not all nose shaping procedures are major changes. In some cases, small sculpting techniques can help improve the overall appearance without changing the structure of the nose. For those with heavy or fatty nostrils, a procedure can be performed that makes them appear thinner and more in balance with the nose and face. Nostril refinement and lightening is a type of rhinoplasty procedure that offers these types of results for those that want a more svelte appearance to their nostrils.

Rhinoplasty often involves reducing the size of the bridge or base of the nostrils, or even making the bridge larger.  Humps can be removed, or droopy tips reduced. But the nostrils are often not changed, even though they can throw off the balance of the nose when they are larger. This is a small issue, but the overall effect when it is corrected can be incredible. No one can pin point what the change is, yet the person’s face looks more in balance and harmonious.

Experienced facial plastic surgeons that perform this procedure must know the advanced methods to create the illusion of lightness and refine the nostrils, while hiding any evidence of a scar. When done correctly, the nose has an improved appearance without a noticeable change. While subtle, it can be the small change that is needed to make the facial features mesh.

If you have wondered whether a minor change to your nostrils could make your nose more attractive or better fit your face, consider seeking a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons perform nostril refinement and lightening, so it is important to find a surgeon that is familiar with this advanced technique.

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Top 3 Facial Plastic Surgeries Are Life Changing

There are cosmetic surgeries that are done for personal preference and there are those that can change a person’s life. Deciding to undergo facial plastic surgery is a big decision, but for some, it can have a transforming impact on more than just their appearance. While everyone has the right to want to look their best, there are those that have deformities that affect their self-confidence and even their health. Here are the top three facial plastic surgeries that can be life-changing for the recipients.


Not all “nose jobs” are performed to only change the size or shape of the nose. Many people have a deviated septum that can cause breathing problems, chronic sinus issues, nose bleeds and snoring. Others have a nose valve that has collapsed or a fractured nose that impacts breathing. Rhinoplasty in these circumstances can help improve the health, and the appearance, of the patient.


When the eyelids droop, become puffy or sag, they can make the person look tired, sad or older. It can also impede their vision. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery can remove fat deposits and excess skin that can impact the appearance and eye sight of the individual. This can make them look more awake, energetic and younger, while improving their vision.

Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Deformed or injured ears can make a large impact on a person’s appearance and self-confidence. It can also impact the hearing, depending on the deformity. Otoplasty or ear reconstruction surgery can change the appearance of the ear, even restoring an ear with cartilage grafting. This procedure can be life-changing in many ways, improving the quality of life for the patient.

Facial plastic surgery can have an enormous impact on a person’s life, whether it is done for medical or aesthetic purposes, or both. It is important to find an experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in facial reconstruction surgeries to get the best results.

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Are You Ready for a Liquid Face Lift?

Aging is a fact of life, one that many people dread. The face is often the first place you begin to notice the changes that age can bring. Both men and women begin to see wrinkles around their features, especially their eyes and mouth. Frown lines form on the forehead, bags can appear under the eyes and your lips can thin. All these little changes make you look older, changing you from the youthful person you once were into an older version of yourself.

So what can be done to slow this process? Time will not stop and you will eventually age, but there are non-invasive options to slow down your aging. If you are not ready or willing to pursue surgical cosmetic procedures, a liquid face lift can address many of the first signs of aging.

A liquid face lift uses different injectable cosmetics to help diminish those lines and wrinkles that make you look older. Injectable fillers can plump thin lips, smooth wrinkles and erase some age lines. Other injectables like Botox can be used to relax muscles that cause frown lines between your brows, taking years off your face.

The advantages of a liquid face lift are that is requires little to no down time and the results can last 1-2 years. In an afternoon, you have the procedure completed, often with only a little redness at the injection areas. Within days the results are apparent, yet subtle enough that most people will not even realize you had a procedure. You will just look more like you did a few years ago!

If the signs of age on your face are bothering you, consult a cosmetic surgeon on the possibility of a liquid face lift. It could be just the enhancement you need to boost your self-confidence and slow down the process of looking older.

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Could You Benefit from a Cosmetic Lip Lift?

When it comes to facial cosmetic procedures, many people focus on the eyes, brow, nose or even cheeks. But what about your lips? Like the rest of the face, your skin around your mouth can lose its firmness as you age, changing the shape and adding wrinkles around your lips. Some people have a downward sag on the corners of their mouths that make them look sad or angry when they are not actively smiling. There are two versions of lip lifts that are most commonly used to improve this important area on the face.

  • Upper lip. A lift of the upper lip can alter the shape of the mouth and help restore a fuller appearance. This procedure can be tailored to the patient’s needs. For some, this surgery is used to reduce the appearance of an upper lip that is too long or covers too much of the top teeth.
  • Corner mouth. Correcting a mouth with a permanent downward position is one of the more popular lip lifts. A small incision is made at each corner of the mouth to give the patient a slightly upturned position, so instead of looking sad, they look happy. It offers a more youthful appearance as this small frown lines are associated with aging.

If your lips or mouth have changed as you have aged, a lip lift can improve the appearance of your mouth to look fuller and more youthful. A lip lift can also be used for anyone desiring to change the shape of their lips or mouth shape. To learn more, contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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What Is Facial Liposuction and Liposculpture?

Facial liposuction differs from facial liposculpture, in that, one seeks to rid the cheeks and jaw line (jowls) of extra fat, whereas the other actually seeks to restore or replenish the lost volume of fat in the face. Ironically, both scenarios of either too much fat or not enough fat are mostly age related, depending upon where you fall in the age spectrum.

As gravity weighs down on our facial skin, fat tends to accumulate under our chin and jaw line, creating an unsightly jowl effect or a turkey gobbler neck. With a small suction device, this fat can be removed. However, this is also usually done in conjunction with other facelift procedures as the incisions are similar and, of course, removing the fat does not address the problem of excess skin. The end result of a facial liposuction is a thinner, younger, facial appearance. 

At some point in our aging process, our face develops a hollowed appearance as natural fatty tissues decline. To compensate for these, sometimes, rapid changes, facial fat can be repositioned or restored through facial fat injections. This is called facial liposculpture. This sculpturing process replenishes facial fat volume by taking excess fat from other areas of the body and injecting it into the face through tiny incisions, using contemporary techniques. This rejuvenation process helps to restore the face back to its natural, youthful, appearance. 

Most people tend to begin looking for new ways to enhance their facial features somewhere in their 30’s. As we grow older, our skin changes and loses elasticity. Wherever you may find yourself on this aging spectrum, contact your plastic surgeon for a consultation wherein your individual specific concerns can be addressed.