Look Happier and Younger with a Brow Lift

What does your forehead say about your mood and age? Do indentations between the eyebrows make you look angry or upset? Do horizontal lines etched into across the brow make you look years older than you feel? Sinking eyebrows and deep lines on the forehead can change not only how your forehead appears, but the overall look of your eyes and face. If your brow is impacting the expression you want to portray to the world, a brow lift may be a good option to look younger and happier.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

With a brow lift, usually small incisions are made in the hairline to access tissue and skin on the forehead. An elevation of the skin and tissue can smooth away lines and excess skin can be removed, changing the overall appearance. When completed by a talented plastic surgeon, a brow lift can have the following benefits:

  • Horizontal lines smooths
  • “11” between the eyebrows smoothed
  • Lifting and reshaping the arch of the eyebrows for an eye-opening effect
  • Tighter, firmer skin on the brow
  • Reduce frown lines that can make you look angry or tired

When the deep lines disappear, and the eyebrows regain a more youthful position, you can look years younger and the angry or upset expression can fade away. Browlifts are often combined with an upper eyelid lift to reveal more youthful, open eyes.

Don’t let your brow tell the world a different story than you feel. If you want to erase those deep lines and reshape the eyebrows, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon. A brow lift might be the answer to make you look more like your happier, younger self.

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Brow Lifts: Surgical and Non-Surgical Options

When you see a random photo of yourself, are you surprised that your expression looks sad, tired or even angry, even when you were having a wonderful time? Age can add lines, wrinkles and a heaviness to your brow that can cause a perpetual change in expression. A brow lift can remove years from your appearance and give you back a happier, more energetic expression. There are two options: surgical and non-surgical, both with their own benefits.

Surgical Brow Lift

For a permanent improvement of the brow and forehead area, a surgical brow lift is a great option. For those with pronounced lines on their forehead or eyebrows that have sunk to overshadow the eyes, a brow lift can have a dramatic effect. A browlift can be combined with an eyelid lift to give you back a more youthful appearance. There are different options available, including minimally invasive procedures for quicker recovery and almost invisible incisions.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

If you are hesitant to have cosmetic surgery or just want a slight improvement in your brow and forehead area, non-surgical browlift options are available. While these may be temporary, many injections like dermal fillers and Botox can last for months, even years. Botox can diminish the appearance of the “11” wrinkles between the eyebrows and forehead lines. Dermal fillers can reduce bags under the eyes and help with small lines that add years to your appearance and can make you look tired.

If you are ready to turn back the hands of time with a brow lift, contact your local facial plastic surgeon for a consultation. Both surgical and non-surgical brow lifts can have a dramatic impact your expression and help boost your self-confidence.

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