Genioplasty: Changing the Shape of the Chin

When you think of facial plastic surgery, prominent features come to mind like the eyes, nose and mouth. However, as inconspicuous as a chin may be, it can have a large impact on the appearance of the face. A “weak” chin can detract from the balance of the other features in both men and women. Genioplasty is the surgical solution to change the shape of the chin for an improved appearance.

Genioplasty can be used to reshape the chin. For many, this means enhancing the shape to make it stronger. This is very noticeable when you look at a profile of someone with a less prominent chin. Instead of a steady line of features from the nose down, the chin drops under, instead of staying level with the mouth. While genioplasty can also be used to reduces the size of the chin, it is more common for people to want enhancement.

Adding to the chin to make it “stronger” can be done with either bone or a chin implant. Sometimes just reshaping the existing bone can give the patient the desired results. When more material is needed, a chin implant can be added for a more prominent protrusion. For women, this can change the shape of their face and offer a more pleasant surrounding for their mouth. For men, a stronger chin creates a more masculine jaw line that is considered attractive.

Every feature of the face places its part. Even the chin can have a big impact on the overall balance and beauty of a face. If you are not happy with the shape or size of your chin, contact a facial plastic surgeon that performs genioplasty to learn more about surgical options.

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