Are You Ready to Remove an Unsightly Birthmark?

Many people are born with birthmarks that can mar their appearance. Port wine and hemangiomas are common on the head and neck, making them very visible and difficult to hide. If you have a birthmark that makes you self-conscious of your appearance, there are options for removal. Laser skin treatments performed by an experienced plastic surgeon can fade away these skin discolorations to help improve your self-confidence.

How Does Laser Treatments Remove Birthmarks?

Laser skin treatments are used for many different cosmetic purposes. Depending on the laser used, treatments can help improve skin texture, fade discolorations, stop hair growth and even minimize wrinkles. The lasers used for birthmark removal focus energy that target the blood vessels that cause vascular birthmarks. The blood vessels and darker pigmented skin cells are destroyed, revealing lighter skin with less noticeable discoloration.

Each birthmark may require different types and frequency of laser treatments for removal. It is important to have a plastic surgeon that can customize the treatment to ensure the best results for your birthmark removal procedure. When done correctly, red or pink vascular birthmarks can be faded drastically, making them less conspicuous. The level of removal depends on the birthmark, but most can be lightened, and the skin smoothed with the use of laser skin treatments.

If you have a vascular birthmark that you want removed or faded, contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon that offers laser treatments for port stain or hemangioma removal. The treatments are not painful and can offer effective reduction of red or pink birthmarks. You deserve to feel confident in your appearance and if removing a birthmark can achieve that confidence, it is a worthwhile investment.

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