Is There Still a Stigma About Plastic Surgery?

There was a time when plastic surgery was considered a luxury for rich people, usually women. Plastic had a stigma something sought by vain women but that has changed drastically over the years. More and more people of all lifestyles and from both genders are undergoing plastic surgery for various reasons, making it more mainstream and without the same stigma of the past.

Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Decades ago, plastic surgery was mainly for women trying to retain a youthful appearance or to enhance their bodies. Facelifts, breast enhancements and nose jobs were the main elective procedures performed. The reason, and stigma, was simple – to be more attractive. While wanting to be attractive is usually amongst the reasons anyone chooses plastic surgery, there are others. In today’s highly competitive workforce, many men and women want to retain a more youthful appearance to compete in their profession. It is not just vanity, but an investment in their career.

Beyond just wanting to look better or younger, plastic surgery can also be functional. An eyelid lift can make eyes look younger and more awake but it can also improve vision. A nose job can improve the shape of the nose and also enhance nasal breathing. A breast reduction and lift can help a women’s chest look perkier and more youthful but also reduce back strain. It is recognized that plastic surgery has more benefits than just to improve appearance.

The stigma of having “work done” has definitely changed over the years. Plus, plastic surgery techniques have improved, creating more natural results that can discretely improve a person’s appearance without looking “fake” or plastic. Plastic surgery is more accepted and considered a lifestyle choice, one that can help people feel more confident and offer other benefits to enhance their quality of life.

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