Is There Still a Stigma About Plastic Surgery?

There was a time when plastic surgery was considered a luxury for rich people, usually women. Plastic had a stigma something sought by vain women but that has changed drastically over the years. More and more people of all lifestyles and from both genders are undergoing plastic surgery for various reasons, making it more mainstream and without the same stigma of the past.

Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Decades ago, plastic surgery was mainly for women trying to retain a youthful appearance or to enhance their bodies. Facelifts, breast enhancements and nose jobs were the main elective procedures performed. The reason, and stigma, was simple – to be more attractive. While wanting to be attractive is usually amongst the reasons anyone chooses plastic surgery, there are others. In today’s highly competitive workforce, many men and women want to retain a more youthful appearance to compete in their profession. It is not just vanity, but an investment in their career.

Beyond just wanting to look better or younger, plastic surgery can also be functional. An eyelid lift can make eyes look younger and more awake but it can also improve vision. A nose job can improve the shape of the nose and also enhance nasal breathing. A breast reduction and lift can help a women’s chest look perkier and more youthful but also reduce back strain. It is recognized that plastic surgery has more benefits than just to improve appearance.

The stigma of having “work done” has definitely changed over the years. Plus, plastic surgery techniques have improved, creating more natural results that can discretely improve a person’s appearance without looking “fake” or plastic. Plastic surgery is more accepted and considered a lifestyle choice, one that can help people feel more confident and offer other benefits to enhance their quality of life.

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3 Things to Consider Before Getting Rhinoplasty

The “nose job” or rhinoplasty is one of the top requested facial plastic surgeries in both men and women. In 2016, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported 223,018 procedures performed for nose reshaping in the U.S. While it can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of many people, helping them feel more confident, it is still a major decision and there are significant factors to consider. If you are thinking about undergoing rhinoplasty, here are three things you should consider.

Shape and Size

Just because a certain size or shape of nose looks attractive on one person, that does not mean it is right for your features. You want a nose that blends with your face and looks natural. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can help you find a nose shape that will complement your best features and look natural.


Rhinoplasty is not a surgery that should be performed too early in a person’s life. Many teenagers may think they want to change their nose, but often it is best to wait until adulthood before making such a drastic change to their appearance. Consider waiting at least until your late teens before considering rhinoplasty.

Qualified Plastic Surgeon

The nose is the central feature of the face. You want a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty for the best results. Choose a qualified, experienced facial plastic surgeon that has proven results in this specialized procedure.

Rhinoplasty can have a positive impact on your appearance and self-confidence, but you want to make sure you consider all the factors before you choose this surgery. Take the time to research the procedure and the plastic surgeon you choose to ensure you get the results you desire.

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5 Facts About Rhinoplasty

One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women is the nose job or rhinoplasty. Since the nose is the focal point of the face, it can both enhance and detract from the appearance of the face. A small adjustment to the shape or size of the nose can have a dramatic effect. Here are five facts that you may not have known about this popular cosmetic surgery. 

  1. Skin and cartilage grafts are common. To reshape the nose, surgeons often use cartilage and skin from other areas of the body. There is less chance of rejection of the implant when it is tissue from the same person. ‘Plastic’ is not used- the term ‘plastic surgery’ refers to reshaping the body, not adding the material into the body.
  2. Rhinoplasty is not a new procedure. As far back as 500 BC, there are writings describing nose procedures that use some of the same techniques that are used today. Of course, these surgeries were solely for fixing a nose that was deformed or injured, not as a cosmetic procedure.
  3. Appearance is only one reason for rhinoplasty. Although appearance is one of the most common reasons people choose to have a ‘nose job’, it is not the only reason. There are medical reasons to change the shape of the nose, as well as repair it from injury.
  4. Rhinoplasty ranks in the top five cosmetic procedures. Consistently, rhinoplasty is one of the top five cosmetic surgeries in the U.S., along with breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks and eyelid surgery.
  5. Every nose and face is different. Rhinoplasty is one of the most artistic cosmetic procedures there is, requiring a very careful reshaping to fit the face of the individual. If you are considering rhinoplasty, you want an experienced cosmetic surgeon that specializes in this procedure.

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Men and women alike are often unhappy with the appearance of their nose and want to improve it by getting a “nose job”.  Actually the correct terminology is rhinoplasty, which can dramatically impact the appearance of any nose by removing a hump, altering the angle of the upper lip and nose, altering the tip of the nose, reducing the width of the nostrils, increasing or decreasing the size and modifying the bridge of the nose. 

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will determine if the procedure will be a revision, open or closed rhinoplasty.  The determination is based upon the patient’s previous cosmetic surgery, as well as the patients desired results and the experience of the highly trained surgeon.  Revision rhinoplasty is performed on patients who have previously undergone the procedure, but were unhappy with the results. 

During an open structure rhinoplasty, there is a small incision made on the outside of the nose on the columella, which is the part of the nose that divides the nostrils.  This is the best way for the surgeon to gain the best access to the structures within the nose.  In closed rhinoplasty, which is also known as endonasal, incisionless or scarless rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes the incisions on the inside of the nose, so there are no visible external incisions.  However, there are limitations to what can be accomplished with closed rhinoplasty and it requires a highly experienced surgeon to perform the procedure correctly! 

There is no need to live with a nose that you are unhappy with when a highly trained cosmetic surgeon can transform the appearance of your nose thru various rhinoplasty techniques!