Rejuvenating Droopy or Puffy Eyes

Your eyes say so much about you, whether you want them to or not. When eyes look puffy or the upper eyelid droops, they send the message that you are tired, old or both. Perpetual puffy or droopy eyes are often caused by changes in the skin from aging, which can be remedied with certain cosmetic procedures. There are both surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation options that can give your eyes a refreshed look.

Dermal Fillers for Drooping Eyes

As the skin loses elasticity and fat under the skin, it can sag and wrinkle. The thin, delicate skin around the eyes is very prone to this aging change. The loss of collagen and fat in the upper and lower eyelid skin can allowing sagging. When this change is slight, dermal fillers can be a non-surgical solution. With the right facial filler, volume can be added under the skin to lift it back into a more youthful firmness, removing wrinkles and sagging that cause droopy upper eyelids and bags under the eyes.

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Lifts

For more pronounced drooping or puffiness of the eyes, plastic surgery may be needed to achieve more youthful, energetic eyes. Blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift can be used on the upper, lower or both eyelids to rejuvenate their appearance. Small, discrete incisions are used to remove excess skin and elevate tissue. This can tighten and firm the eyelids for refreshed, awake eyes that look years younger.

If your eyes are making you look tired when you still feel energetic, consider visiting an experienced facial plastic surgeon to explore your options. You deserve to feel confident in your appearance at any age.

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Are Your Eyes Making You Look Tired?

Regardless of how you feel, if your eyes have bags underneath them or the upper eyelids droop, you can look like you didn’t get any sleep the night before. Depressions under the eyes create a shadow that is common when you are tired, but often this is occurs when the skin sags or the fat tissue on the upper cheek shifts downward. The upper eyelid skin and tissue can sag, giving the eyes a hooded look that can also make you look sleepy. If you want to look as energetic and youthful as you feel, there are cosmetic options to combat tired eyes.

Eyelid Lifts

One of the most direct approaches to give the eyes a more awake appearance is blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift. On the bottom eyelid, the skin and tissue can be elevated, and excess skin/fat removed to eliminate eye bags; on the top eyelid, the excess skin and fat can be removed to “open” the eye. Either one or both these procedures can help dissipate the tired look from the eyes and make the patient look younger as well.

Upper Cheek Enhancements

If the upper cheek has lost fat or the fat has sagged, it can cause the appearance of bags under the eyes. Replacing the fat that was lost or lifting the fat/tissue to the upper cheek area can reduce eye bags. Fat transfers, dermal fillers or upper cheek implants can be used, or a cheek lift, depending on the patient’s cheek structure and whether they want a surgical or non-surgical approach.

If you are tired of your eyes making you look exhausted or older, schedule a consultation with a qualified facial plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon to discuss the many options to reduce eyebags and drooping on the eyelids to give you a more energetic look.

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Growing Popularity of Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery has grown in popularity in the plastic surgery industry. Advanced medical technology and methods have made this delicate procedure safer, more effective and natural-appearing, increasing the number of surgeries performed each year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, eyelid surgery has become the second most popular facial plastic surgery, only surpassed by rhinoplasty in 2017. Here are some of the reasons so many people are pursuing eyelid surgery.

Upper Eyelid Lift

When the skin and tissue on the upper eyelid sag, it can make the person look older, sad and tired. Upper eyelid lifts can rejuvenate the eyes and face, even improve vision for some people if the skin is interfering with their eyesight.

Asian or Double Eyelid Surgery

Some people of Asian descent are born without the crease or double eyelid. Asian or double eyelid surgery can add the crease on the upper eyelid that can change the shape and overall appearance of the eye. The result can be eyes that are rounder and with more options for adding eye makeup.

Lower Eyelid Lift

When the lower eyelid sags or the tear troughs become noticeable, it creates tired, aged eyes. The skin and fat shifts downwards, creating bags under the eyes that never go away, even with enough rest. Lower eyelid lifts remove excess skin and fat under the eyes and tighten the skin for a rested, more youthful appearance.

The eyes are one the first features people notice, and one of the most affected by aging. It makes sense that this area is becoming more popular when it comes to enhancements through plastic surgery. If you are considering eyelid surgery, make sure to choose an experienced oculoplastic surgeon for your procedure for the best results.

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Eyelid Lift and Rejuvenation Without Surgery

One of the most noticeable features that show your age is your eyes. Fine lines and crow’s feet appear from many years of smiling, laughing and squinting. The eyelid skin can sag, making you look tired and older. Eyelid lift surgeries are one option, but not everyone wants plastic surgery. There are treatments that can create similar benefits to an eyelid lift, without the surgery, making your eyes look more youthful and energetic, including CO2 laser resurfacing.

Laser Treatments for a Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift

When you want to diminish fine lines around the eyes and give the skin on the eyelids a lift, laser resurfacing can be a great option. While it will not remove excess skin or fat like a surgical lift, it can be used as a pre-emptive strike against aging eyes. CO2 laser resurfacing can help tighten the skin around the eyes, helping reduce sagging and wrinkles, while helping stimulate collagen and elastin production for younger looking skin.

Laser resurfacing for a non-surgical eyelid lift is a non-invasive procedure which can usually completed in less than an hour. While some people only need one treatment, others may have a second laser session six or twelve months later for the best results. There is some recovery time while the skin heals, but much less than surgery.

If you want to bring a more youthful appearance back to your eye area without surgery, consider learning more about eyelid laser resurfacing. Contact your local oculoplastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. You can have younger, energetic looking eyes with minimal downtime in as little as one treatment.

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Combatting Under Eye Bags and Sagging

Bags or sagging under the eyes can have one of the most dramatic effects on your face. Not only does it make you appear older, it can make you look tired and exhausted. There are several factors that cause this effect, so there are also several cosmetic procedures to combat this condition. Treating the cause is the trick to removing these eye bags for a more youthful, energetic appearance.

One of the reasons eye bags occur is the fragile structure of the skin around the eyes. This skin is thinner and tends to lose its elasticity faster than other areas on the face. As collagen wanes and gravity takes hold, this delicate skin can sag, creating bags or dark circles under the eyes. Solutions for sagging skin under the eye include:

  • Dermal fillers. Use on injectable dermal fillers can add volume under the skin and help improve collagen production.
  • Eyelift. Plastic surgery can be performed to lift the skin and tissue surrounding the eye, both on the top and bottom lid.
  • Resurfacing. In some cases, dermal abrasion or chemical peels can help minimize wrinkles and improve elasticity in the skin around the eyes.

Another cause of eye bags is loss of fat in the cheeks. The fat layer under the skin in the upper cheek can dissipate or shift downward, causing eye bags. Dermal fillers can help this in some cases; for more pronounced eye bags or fat loss, cheek implants or a cheek lift can be used to restore a more youthful appearance.

If you have eye bags that have changed the appearance of your face, schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. There are surgical and non-surgical options to reduce the appearance of under-eye sagging for a more youthful and energetic look for your face.

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Eye Lid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Tired of looking tired?  Your eyes help shape your face, and give an overall impression of you.  As we age, our eyes are the first place that shows the aging process.  Skin can begin to sag a bit in the eye area, and bags can begin to form under the eyes.  These things together make your face look older than you are, and give an overall impression of you being sad, angry or tired all the time.

One of the ways to correct this is by having an eyelid lift.  The surgical name of an eyelid lift is Blepharoplasty.  Blepharoplasty is one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures.  Correcting eye sag and lid droop alone can allow a person to look ten years younger!  Belpharoplasty also removes the extra skin from around your eyes, improving overall vision.

Prior to having an eyelid lift and rejuvenation, you will be seen by a professional cosmetic surgeon that specializes in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  This consultation will last about an hour.  Make sure to discuss with the physician any medications you take (including herbals or supplements) during this time.  Blepharoplasty is generally done with a local anesthetic as an out-patient procedure, and takes less than two hours to complete.  If you and your physician prefer, blepharoplasty can be performed in a surgical center with sedation and full anesthesia.  In either case, recovery takes less than a week, and you can plan on returning to work in three to five days.

If you are interested in correcting the chronic tired look of your eyes, contact your local professional cosmetic surgeon today.  Consultation with a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is ideal, as these surgeons have advanced training and credentials in facial surgery.