Is Skin Bleaching Safe?

You may have heard of skin bleaching and wondered what this procedure is and whether it is safe. Although the term ‘bleaching’ sounds harsh, the actual treatment is not a bleach in the traditional sense. These topical treatments are non-surgical and when overseen by a cosmetic surgeon, can be a safe and effective way to lighten skin, including dark scars, age and liver spots. 

How Does Skin Bleaching Work?

Melanin in the skin is what makes it darken. Whether it is hereditary darker skin due to race or a tan from being out in the sun, melanin is the pigment that creates this darker skin. It is also what causes freckles, age and liver spots, plus dark scars from acne and other skin inflictions. Skin bleaching uses agents to reduce melanin to lighten dark skin. This is used to rid the skin of dark spots and even the tone of the skin for a younger, healthier complexion. 

Although there are over-the-counter bleaching creams for skin, there has been concern about some of these creams containing mercury, which can be toxic. Although using mercury in these products is banned in the U.S., creams made outside the country could contain the toxic substance. This is a good reason to only use skin bleaching creams that are prescribed from a cosmetic surgeon to ensure their safety. 

If you have darker spots, scars or an uneven skin tone, consider talking to a local cosmetic surgeon about skin bleaching options. Most prescription creams are used at home and can help give you back the lighter, even skin tone you desire. There are few, if any, side effects beyond lightening the skin when treatments are followed as directed by your doctor.

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