5 Biggest Increases in Facial Cosmetic Procedures for 2018

Every year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons release new statistics on the most popular cosmetic procedures. This report details the number of procedures performed in the U.S. and highlights changes in trends in the industry. One of the statistics is the increase from the previous year and since the year 2000. Here are the five facial cosmetic procedures that increased the most in 2018.

  1. Hair transplantation. While not on the face, hair transplantation is still usually performed by facial plastic surgeons. The number of hair transplantation procedures increased 18% in 2018 over 2017, likely due to the less invasive and advanced options in this procedure.
  2. Lip augmentation (surgical). Surgical lip augmentation increased by 4% in 2018 over 2017 with 30,859 procedures performed. Since 2000, there was a 66% increase in this procedure.
  3. Botox, Dysport or Xeomin. Neuromodulators like Botox still top the chart when it comes to cosmetic procedures. There was a 3% increase over 2017 with 7,427,278 procedures in the U.S., a 845% increase over 2000.
  4. Soft tissue fillers. Dermal fillers remain very popular. There was a 2% increase over 2017 with 2,676,970 procedures performed in 2018.
  5. Chin augmentation (surgical). Chin implants or augmentation surgery also increased by 2% in 2018 with 16,400 procedures performed.

As far as most popular facial plastic surgeries, facelifts, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgeries were the most popular as far as numbers performed. There were over 100,000 facelifts and over 200,000 for the other two top runners.

Overall, there was a 2% increase in all cosmetic procedure performed in 2018 over 2017. The industry continues to gain acceptance and grow as more people decide to invest in their self-confidence and appearance.

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The Chin and Nose Correlation

The facial features all impact each other and contribute to the harmony and balance of the face. When a nose looks too large or overbearing, it is not always due to its actual size. The chin shape can drastically impact the appearance of the nose. This chin and nose correlation are important when striving to create a balanced appearance to the face. If a chin looks too small or a nose looks too large, it may require adjustments to one or both to create a balanced face.

Correcting Facial Balance with Chin Enhancement

A nose can appear too large due to a receded or weak chin. When the jaw is smaller, it pronounces other features like the nose and forehead. Often, enhancing the chin can balance the features. A chin enhancement procedure can change the shape of the face to make the nose look smaller.

A chin enhancement can be accomplished with a few different procedures. In some cases, facial fillers can be used to temporarily change the shape of the chin. Permanent options require plastic surgery. Usually a chin implant or bone grafting is used to reshape the chin and jawline, balancing the face shape and other features.

Rhinoplasty for Facial Harmony

If the nose is too large, rhinoplasty can be used to reduce the size and reshape the nose. This can help balance the face, even making a chin look more pronounced. If a combination of a weak chin and larger nose are present, a dual procedure of a chin implant and nose reduction may be needed to create the desired result.

If you feel like your nose is too large or your chin is receded, consult a facial plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty, chin enhancement or a combination of both may offer solutions to create attractive balance in your facial features.

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Genioplasty: Changing the Shape of the Chin

When you think of facial plastic surgery, prominent features come to mind like the eyes, nose and mouth. However, as inconspicuous as a chin may be, it can have a large impact on the appearance of the face. A “weak” chin can detract from the balance of the other features in both men and women. Genioplasty is the surgical solution to change the shape of the chin for an improved appearance.

Genioplasty can be used to reshape the chin. For many, this means enhancing the shape to make it stronger. This is very noticeable when you look at a profile of someone with a less prominent chin. Instead of a steady line of features from the nose down, the chin drops under, instead of staying level with the mouth. While genioplasty can also be used to reduces the size of the chin, it is more common for people to want enhancement.

Adding to the chin to make it “stronger” can be done with either bone or a chin implant. Sometimes just reshaping the existing bone can give the patient the desired results. When more material is needed, a chin implant can be added for a more prominent protrusion. For women, this can change the shape of their face and offer a more pleasant surrounding for their mouth. For men, a stronger chin creates a more masculine jaw line that is considered attractive.

Every feature of the face places its part. Even the chin can have a big impact on the overall balance and beauty of a face. If you are not happy with the shape or size of your chin, contact a facial plastic surgeon that performs genioplasty to learn more about surgical options.

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Four Reasons People Choose to Get a Chin Implant

When you think of facial plastic surgery procedures, the chin may not be the feature you first consider. Rhinoplasty, or the “nose job,” is one of the most popular options, along with facelifts, eye lifts or lip augmentation. However, enhancing the chin can have a substantial impact on the overall appearance of a face, drastically changing their profile and facial balance. Here are four reasons people choose to undergo chin implant plastic surgery.

  1. Weak chin. The most obvious reason to get a chin implant is when you have a weak, receding or undefined chin. For those whose chin slants into their neck, a chin implant can improve their profile.
  2. Defined neck. Chin implants are often combined with a neck lift or neck liposuction to define the neck for a more youthful appearance. The implant lifts the chin and creates a distinct jaw line to improve the neck area.
  3. Balance the face. A beautiful face is not due to one feature, but a combination and balance of the features. A chin implant can lengthen the face for balance, improving the overall attractiveness of the face.
  4. Reconstruction. If injury or trauma has occurred to the jaw, a chin implant may be part of the reconstruction process to rebuild the chin and jaw.

If you have a weak, receding or unremarkable chin, adding a chin implant can define your jaw line and neck area while balancing your facial features. Seek a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in genioplasty or chin implants to determine whether this procedure could offer the aesthetic change to your appearance you desire.

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