What Are Lipomas and Can They Be Removed?

Growths under the skin can be alarming but many are not dangerous. One growth that is common amongst older individuals is a lipoma. These fatty growths are usually not cancerous or problematic but can appear in visible areas on the face. They are most common in people over 40 and can become distracting if they grow large. Lipoma removal is an option for those who are unhappy with the appearance of a facial lipoma, but the procedure should be performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon.

Why Do Lipomas Appear?

There is no known reason that lipomas appear. These soft lumps are just a collection of fatty tissue that begins forming in one spot. Lipomas are usually not painful or pose any type of health risk. Though they do seem to be more common in people with a family history of lipomas, anyone could have one form. They grow slowly and can be anywhere from the size of a dime to as large as a baseball.

Removing a Lipoma

The only effective way to remove a lipoma is through surgery. Since most lipomas that people want removed are in an exposed area like the face, it is important to have the growth carefully removed to avoid scarring. A facial plastic surgeon can use advanced techniques to remove the growth without leaving a noticeable scar behind. The procedure is usually performed during an office visit under local anesthesia with little to no downtime required after the surgery.

If you have a lipoma that you want removed, consult an experienced plastic surgeon. In a quick procedure, these fatty lumps can be removed to help you feel more confident in your appearance.

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