What is a Saddle Nose Deformity?

The nose structure is reliant on cartilage and bone to keep its shape for function and appearance. When the cartilage or bone is damaged, the bridge, nasal tip and nasal passages can be altered. If the damage is significant to the septum or other nasal cartilage structures, the nasal bridge can collapse. This is referred to as a saddle nose deformity, a common reason for rhinoplasty or nose reconstruction.

The bridge of the nose runs from between the eyes to the nasal tip. When the structural support is lost, it can sink, causing a deep depression on the lower half of the bridge. From the facial profile, the nose can resemble a horse’s saddle, thus the name “saddle nose deformity.” This is the first symptom of nasal collapse. Other changes to the nose can occur, including a deep horizontal crease across the lower nose where the bridge collapsed and an upturning of the nasal tip. The bridge can look shorter; with the over-rotated nasal tip, this is often called a “pug nose.”

Causes of Saddle Nose Deformities

Saddle nose deformities can occur due to a few different causes, including:

  • Trauma – saddle nose deformities have been called boxer’s nose due to the prevalence in athletes in this sport
  • Infections that cause cartilage damage
  • Diseases that attack cartilage
  • Intranasal illicit drug use or excessive use of nasal sprays

Saddle nose deformities can happen quickly or slowly over time. They can change the look of the nose and face; they can also cause breathing problems.

Repairing saddle nose deformities is possible with surgery, usually requiring cartilage grafting to restore the nasal structure. This is one of the more complex types of rhinoplasty and should only be performed by a facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience with saddle nose deformity repair.

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Does a Nose Fracture Require Plastic Surgery?

A broken nose or a nose fracture are a common injury. Whether it occurs in an auto accident from a blow to the face from an air bag or a ball to the nose when playing your favorite sport, the pain is immediate, and a nose bleed is almost guaranteed. However, many nose fractures are minor and can be remedied with a quick repositioning of the nose to allow it to heal correctly. But when the damage is more substantial, or the “quick repositioning” does not heal correctly, plastic surgery can be an option for repair.

Plastic Surgery for Nose Fractures

There are two reasons that most people consider plastic surgery for a nose fracture. The most serious is impact to the nose structure, affecting breathing and the sinus passages. This is a functional and health issue that should be remedied for the comfort and wellness of the patient. The second is aesthetic concerns. If the nose is crooked or misshapen, it can affect the appearance of the face since the nose is the central feature. Oftentimes, both occur, and plastic surgery can be beneficial for cosmetic and functional purposes.

When correcting a nose fracture, an experienced rhinoplasty or facial reconstruction surgeon can ensure that the nasal passages are open and functional. They can also reshape the nose if the bridge or tip are off-center or no longer aligned. In most cases, both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the surgery can be performed at once and ensure that the patient has restored breathing and an improved appearance.

If you sustain a nose fracture and are concerned about the lasting impact on your breathing function or appearance, see an experienced facial plastic surgeon right away for a consultation.

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5 Common Reasons for Rhinoplasty

In 2015, an estimated 138,258 rhinoplasty surgeries were completed in the U.S. Nose shaping surgery has been one of the top plastic surgeries performed for decades, in the top 5 cosmetic surgeries for men. While many may think rhinoplasty is for those who want a smaller nose, this is only one of the reasons men and women have this surgery performed. Here are 5 common reasons people choose to undergo rhinoplasty to improve their appearance or health.

  1. Crooked nose. A break in the cartilage of the nose is common from injury, causing a crooked or imbalanced nose. Rhinoplasty can straighten and repair a crooked nose after injury and improve breathing capabilities.
  2. Too large. Reducing the size of the nose is one of the top reasons people choose rhinoplasty, but certainly not the only one.
  3. Wide nose. Large nostrils or a wide base is another reason men and women seek to have their nose reshaped through cosmetic surgery.
  4. Hump or bulge. A hump on the bridge of the nose or a bulbous tip are other shape issues that can be resolved through rhinoplasty.
  5. Nose augmentation. Not everyone wants to reduce the size of their nose. Some augmentation procedures for the nose include adding depth to the bridge or lengthening the tip. These are common in ethnic or Asian rhinoplasty, where the nose is smaller and flatter and the patient wants a more pronounced nose structure.

When undergoing rhinoplasty, it is crucial to find a plastic surgeon that has extensive experience and proven results performing this delicate procedure. If you are considering rhinoplasty, check credentials and testimonials of your plastic surgeon to ensure you choose a qualified and talented surgeon.

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What is Nostril Refinement and Lightening?

Not all nose shaping procedures are major changes. In some cases, small sculpting techniques can help improve the overall appearance without changing the structure of the nose. For those with heavy or fatty nostrils, a procedure can be performed that makes them appear thinner and more in balance with the nose and face. Nostril refinement and lightening is a type of rhinoplasty procedure that offers these types of results for those that want a more svelte appearance to their nostrils.

Rhinoplasty often involves reducing the size of the bridge or base of the nostrils, or even making the bridge larger.  Humps can be removed, or droopy tips reduced. But the nostrils are often not changed, even though they can throw off the balance of the nose when they are larger. This is a small issue, but the overall effect when it is corrected can be incredible. No one can pin point what the change is, yet the person’s face looks more in balance and harmonious.

Experienced facial plastic surgeons that perform this procedure must know the advanced methods to create the illusion of lightness and refine the nostrils, while hiding any evidence of a scar. When done correctly, the nose has an improved appearance without a noticeable change. While subtle, it can be the small change that is needed to make the facial features mesh.

If you have wondered whether a minor change to your nostrils could make your nose more attractive or better fit your face, consider seeking a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons perform nostril refinement and lightening, so it is important to find a surgeon that is familiar with this advanced technique.

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