5 Facts About Liposuction

Most people know liposuction is used for removing fat from targeted areas. However, there are some facts about this procedure that not everyone may know. Here are five facts about liposuction that may surprise you.

  1. Fat cells are permanently removed. Fat cells cannot be restored. Once fat cells are removed during liposuction, new cells will not take their place. However, if the person gains weight, fat can be stored in other areas.
  2. Results can take time to be apparent. It can take weeks or months for the final results of liposuction to be apparent. The area will swell. Fluids will need to be drained and compression used before the area will shrink to its new shape and size.
  3. Liposuction is not for obese people. The best candidates for liposuction are not obese but are close to their goal weight. Liposuction is used to reduce problem fat areas, not to lose weight.
  4. Lasers and ultrasound can be used to liquify fat. Fat must be first loosened to effectively remove through liposuction. Lasers can help heat and liquify fat; ultrasounds use sound waves to liquify fat. Using these techniques can allow for more areas to be treated at one time.
  5. Liposuction is commonly used for facial procedures. Many people think liposuction is just for the tummy, thighs or other areas on the body. In reality, liposuction is used for many facial procedures, including during facelifts, neck lifts and eyelid lifts. Plus, liposuction is used for fat transfer to the face, removing fat from the body to add to the face.

Liposuction can be a safe and effective way to change the shape of your body or face. For the best results, choose an experienced plastic surgeon to perform this procedure.

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Why More Couples Are Getting Cosmetic Procedures Together

Have you heard of beauty matching? This is a phrase used to describe couples that choose to have plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures together to “match” their new looks. Long gone are the days when women were primarily the only gender to improve their appearance with cosmetic procedures. Now many men care about their appearance as much as women, and want to maintain their looks, especially when their significant other is having work done.

There are two main ways that beauty matching occurs. The first can happen when one person in a couple has work done and the results are incredible. A wife gets a facelift and looks years younger, or liposuction to improve their shape – and the husband wants to also look younger or have work done to “match” their spouse’s improved appearance. The procedures are not done together, but in quick succession of each other.

The second way is less likely but is becoming more frequent. A couple decides to get plastic surgery, cosmetic injections or other treatments at the same time. Maybe they are planning on renewing their wedding vows or heading to a class reunion, which spurs them to consider cosmetic options to look younger – it is often an upcoming event that they want to look their best for that begins the conversation. More and more plastic surgeons are seeing couples come in together for a consultation and then, scheduling their procedures at the same time.

If you and your significant other have contemplated cosmetic procedures, you are not alone in pursuing improving your appearance as a couple. It can be a bonding experience, helping improve their self-confidence and relationship when done together as a couple.

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How Your Plastic Surgeon Can Help You Look Years Younger

The fountain of youth is only a myth, or is it? More and more you see celebrities and other famous personalities that seem to have found the fountain of youth. Men and women in their fifties, sixties and older are looking better than ever. The secret most likely is not a pool of water but a talented plastic surgeon.

Years ago, when someone chose to have plastic surgery to combat age, it could be obvious. The facelift – elevating sagging skin around the midface, mouth, jaw and neck – has been used for decades, but with varying results. Older techniques could leave the patient looking “overdone” or artificial. However, the surgery options available now are subtle but effective, looking more natural.

Surgical options to help you look younger still include the facelift, but in many different variations and with improved techniques. “Mini” facelifts can be performed to only address the midface region or full facelifts can eliminate sagging throughout the face. Instead of only elevating the skin, which can appear “fake” and quickly revert, advanced facelifts elevate the muscle and tissue under the skin. This creates a more natural appearance that lasts for years longer than traditional facelifts.

Other surgical and non-surgical options to turn back the hands of time include:

  • Brow lifts
  • Eye lifts
  • Dermal fillers
  • Botox
  • Dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser therapy

Slowing the aging process is possible, especially if you have a talented plastic surgeon. Many people begin in the late thirties or early forties with non-surgical options to keep their skin and face looking youthful, choosing surgical methods once aging affects the muscles and tissue under the skin.

If you are interested in learning more about how to look years younger, make an appointment with your local plastic surgeon.

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Could You Benefit from a Cosmetic Lip Lift?

When it comes to facial cosmetic procedures, many people focus on the eyes, brow, nose or even cheeks. But what about your lips? Like the rest of the face, your skin around your mouth can lose its firmness as you age, changing the shape and adding wrinkles around your lips. Some people have a downward sag on the corners of their mouths that make them look sad or angry when they are not actively smiling. There are two versions of lip lifts that are most commonly used to improve this important area on the face.

  • Upper lip. A lift of the upper lip can alter the shape of the mouth and help restore a fuller appearance. This procedure can be tailored to the patient’s needs. For some, this surgery is used to reduce the appearance of an upper lip that is too long or covers too much of the top teeth.
  • Corner mouth. Correcting a mouth with a permanent downward position is one of the more popular lip lifts. A small incision is made at each corner of the mouth to give the patient a slightly upturned position, so instead of looking sad, they look happy. It offers a more youthful appearance as this small frown lines are associated with aging.

If your lips or mouth have changed as you have aged, a lip lift can improve the appearance of your mouth to look fuller and more youthful. A lip lift can also be used for anyone desiring to change the shape of their lips or mouth shape. To learn more, contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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