Cosmetic Treatments for Tear Troughs

The groove that can form under your eyes when you are tired is often called a tear trough. If a tear leaves the inner corner of the eye, it could cascade down this groove and slide down the side of the cheek. Tear troughs can be caused by lack of sleep, but it is common for them to become more pronounced as you get older. This can make you look tired, even when you have had plenty of sleep. Cosmetic treatments can help minimize the appearance of tear troughs for more youthful, energetic eyes.

Reducing Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Tear troughs or dark circles are often an aging issue that occurs before lines, wrinkles or other concerns. Many men and women in their late twenties and thirties can obtain dark circles under their eyes that do not seem to ever go away. While there are surgical solutions, many younger people prefer to use non-surgical treatments that can address tear troughs without the risk or downtime of surgery.

The best non-invasive treatment for tear troughs is facial filler injections. There are several dermal fillers, most using hyaluronic acid, that can add volume under the skin. This can dissipate the appearance of blood vessels under the eyes or dark circles. Facial fillers can last for six months to over a year, depending on the product, and results are immediate. This is a great solution to maintain a more energetic appearance without surgery and the procedure can be completed in a quick office visit.

If you are interested in tear trough treatments to minimize dark circles under your eyes, contact a oculoplastic surgeon. There are surgical and non-surgical options to improve the appearance of the skin surrounding your eyes for a more youthful look.

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