Jaw Feminization with Masseter Reduction

When the jawline is wide and square, is can have a masculine impact on the face. This is not always desirable, especially for women. Enlargement of the masseter muscles, the main muscles responsible for jaw movement that are on the outside of the cheek and jaw, can create a wider jaw. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including excessive jaw clenching, teeth grinding, gum chewing and other jaw movements. There are cosmetic masseter reduction procedures that can reshape the jaw for a more feminine appearance.

Non-Surgical Masseter Treatment

Excessive contraction of the masseter muscles can cause them to become enlarged. One effective treatment to reduce the size is using a neuromodulator to relax the muscle. Botox or Dysport injections can help limit jaw clenching and teeth grinding, allowing the masseter muscles to diminish over time. In many cases, the neuromodulator injections can effectively reduce the size of the masseter muscles and ongoing injections are not required.

Surgical Masseter Reduction

For those who want to under jaw feminization to soften a square jawline, surgical procedures can be used to reshape the face. Incisions inside the mouth can be used to access the masseter muscle and jaw bone. Trimming the muscles and bone can slim the jawline, creating a lower face that is more oval or heart-shaped instead of square. Since the incisions are inside the mouth, there are no scars for discrete alteration of the jaw shape.

If you wish you could slim the wideness of your jaw, masseter reduction may be right for you. Contact a facial plastic surgeon that offers surgical and non-surgical jaw feminization to learn more about your options to reshape your face.

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