Are You a Good Candidate For a Neck Lift?

Loose or sagging skin around the neck can be a result of aging or weight loss.  The neck is often affected before the face and a neck lift can do wonders to make the patient look younger, healthier, and fitter.  There are a variety of procedures that your plastic surgeon can use to enhance the appearance of the neck.  These procedures range from simple procedure performed in the doctor’s office with a local anesthetic or surgical procedures under general anesthesia.

Almost any patient with loose or sagging skin of the neck is a candidate for a neck lift.  A good candidate should be in good physical condition and emotionally healthy.  The candidate should also have realistic expectations about the surgical outcome.  Non-smokers are usually better candidates than smokers.

The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis.  Depending on the procedure used, it can take anywhere from one to three hours.  Neck lifts are often done in conjunction with a face lift since the procedures are complimentary and the results are often enhanced. If the procedure is combined with a facelift it will take more time to complete both procedures.

A compression bandage is usually placed around the neck following the procedure to reduce swelling.  The pressure dressing will need to be worn continuously for three to five days.  Most swelling and bruising will subside in one to two weeks at which point the patient can return to work.

Only after a full consultation with your plastic surgeon should you decide whether a neck lift is right for you.

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