Temporary vs Permanent Lip Augmentation

Lips are the outline of your smile, the pout when you’re sad, and an important part of your facial appearance. Lips that are full are equated with sensuality and youthful attractiveness, but not everyone has the plump, defined lips they prefer. Cosmetic treatments can help add volume to lips either temporarily or permanently. Here are the differences between the options available if you are considering lip augmentation.

Temporary Lip Volume

There are two main options to temporarily add volume to your lips: dermal fillers and fat injections. Dermal fillers can be injected to add volume to lips for anywhere from six months to over a year. Fillers can plump the lips and smooth lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Fat injections adds your own transferred fat to thicken lips, but it only lasts about six months. Both options need to be repeated to maintain the results.

Permanent Lip Enhancements

For permanent changes to your lips, plastic surgery can be performed. To add volume, implants or fat grafting can be performed to permanently augment the lips. Surgery can also be used to create a more pronounced Cupid’s bow or change the shape of the lips. The results will not go away, so repeated procedures are not needed to keep the appearance.

Temporary cosmetic procedures are a great way to “try on” more volume for your lips. But, if you want to change the shape or get long-lasting volume, plastic surgery is the best option. Experienced facial plastic surgeons can offer both procedures to help you get the lips you desire, whether you want to try a temporary filler or undergo permanent cosmetic surgery.

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