Do You Want Fuller, More Defined Lips? Lip Augmentation May be the Answer

Lips are one of the most sensual features on a woman’s face. Many women desire full, plump lips with a distinct Cupid’s bow on the upper lip, highlighting the perfect smile. However, not everyone is born with the genetics needed to produce these pouty lips, and many women lose lip fullness as they age. Luckily, there are many cosmetic procedures which have been designed to give women with thin or straight-lined lips the luscious mouth they desire.

Lip Augmentation Options

Every woman who wants to change their lips has a mental image of what the perfect lips would be for them. Some just want to have fuller lips, with no changes to the overall shape. Others may have full lips, yet want that signature Cupid’s bow to be more prominent on their top lip. Because of the wide variety of lip types and ideals, there are also many different options when it comes to lip augmentations. Some of the most popular include:

  • Non-surgical. The most common procedure for lip augmentation is injectable fillers to create fuller, plumper lips in a quick, non-surgical procedure. The results are temporary, but last approximately 6 months.
  • V to Y augmentations. To obtain a prominent Cupid’s bow, a surgical procedure called the V to Y is performed to give straight lips an inviting dent on the upper lip.
  • Lip grafting. For thin or thinning lips, a permanent solution is lip grafting surgical procedures. These use the transfer of fat into thin lips, creating a fuller, sexier smile.

There are also other options available such as lip lifts, lip implants and even lip reductions. If you want to change the appearance of your lips to create a sensual mouth, talk to your local cosmetic surgery clinic to determine what options will give you the look and lips you desire.

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