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Rhinoplasty in Atlanta

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Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure that modifies the appearance of the nose. It is also commonly referred to as a “nose job” or “nasal surgery”. Rhinoplasty can be used to remove a hump in the nose, to alter the angle of the upper lip and nose, to reduce the width of the nostrils, to the alter the tip of the nose, to increase or decrease the size of the nose, or to modify the bridge of the nose.

Open structure Rhinoplasty or “Open Rhinoplasty” is a surgical procedure that places a small, imperceptible incision in the portion of the nose that divides the nostrils called the columella. It provides the surgeon with the best exposure to the structural elements of the nose allowing for the absolute best control in shaping and strengthening the nasal structures.

Closed Rhinoplasty utilizes incisions on the internal lining of the nose avoiding an external incision. It is also known as endonasal, incisionless, or scarless Rhinoplasty. This technique has some limitations on reshaping the nasal tip and strengthening the nasal structures and requires a surgeon with lots of experience with this technique.

Revision Rhinoplasty is available for patients who are re-doing a previous nose job because they have not achieved their ideal results. This also requires an experienced surgeon to undo what has already been done.

Benjamin C. Stong, M.D. is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and the founder of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery located in Atlanta, Georgia. He is nationally recognized for his work in Rhinoplasty procedures. Patients travel from around the country to Atlanta to achieve amazing results from Dr. Stong’s Rhinoplasty procedures.

Dr. Stong received extensive training in facial plastic surgery at Emory University in the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. He also completed a fellowship in facial and reconstructive surgery in Manhattan and the greater New York area. He understands the relationship of the nose relative to other facial structures and can customize results to achieve patients’ goals.

If you are interested in getting more information about Rhinoplasty, please give Dr. Stong and Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC a call today to schedule a free consultation. We are located in the Tower Building of the Northside Hospital campus in Atlanta. Our phone number is (404)963-6665. We look forward to hearing from you.

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