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As you grow older, your skin changes and loses elasticity. Factors such as sun damage, smoking, and emotional stress can accelerate the skin’s aging process. In your 30’s, wrinkles start to develop and photoaging and loss of skin elasticity begins to occur. In your 40’s, wrinkles deepen and skin continues to sag resulting in heavy cheeks (jowls) and deepening of the facial folds and grooves with loss of fat volume. In your 50’s, the jawline becomes less distinct with vertical bands forming in the neck, along with excess skin. In your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the facial fat continues to atrophy with increased sagging and excess skin along with further deepening of wrinkles.

Facelift surgery procedures can restore the appearance of your youth by greatly decreasing the effects of aging. Many variations of the traditional facelift are available today including Short-Scar Facelifts, S-lifts, Mini Facelifts, and Minimal Incision Facelifts. These options all offer benefits such as smaller incisions, less scarring, and decreased downtime.

Revision facelift surgery has become more common due to patients undergoing multiple facelift surgeries in their lifetime. Male facelift surgeries have also increased due to more men discovering the benefits of facelift surgery. A man’s appearance can have a dramatic impact on his self-esteem and even his career.

Benjamin C. Stong, M.D. is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and the founder of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. He is nationally recognized for his work in facelift surgery and patients travel from around the country to achieve amazing results from Dr. Stong’s facelift procedures.

Dr. Stong believes in doing the right surgery on the right patient to help them achieve a natural, balanced, more youthful appearance. Dr. Stong is trained in the most advanced facial plastic surgery techniques. He applies these techniques to provide superior, long lasting results for his patients.

If you are interested in getting more information about facelift surgery, please give Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC a call today. We will schedule a free consultation with Dr. Stong. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC serves clients in Atlanta Georgia and throughout the United States.

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