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Your face is your identity. And, your face leaves a lasting impression upon each and every meeting of a new acquaintance or an old friend. Consequently, when you decide to have a facelift procedure performed, you want to go to the very best Atlanta facelift surgeon available.

Dr. Benjamin Stong is the Atlanta facelift surgeon you can trust to make sure your facelift is exactly as you want it to be. He conscientiously listens to your concerns and desired results of your facelift surgery from the minute you step into his office for your initial facelift surgery consultation until your procedure is complete. He carefully evaluates your individual situation and recommends a facelift procedure that is right for you. Dr. Stong is an expert facelift surgeon, who commits himself to providing all his patients with excellent service and optimal results.

A premiere Atlanta facelift surgeon, Dr. Stong offers a full range of expert facial surgeries facilitating the most proven facelift techniques and most current facelift procedures possible. He performs facelifts through mini-facelift incision techniques that have proven to provide superior facelift results with little evidence that you have had a facelift and are long lasting as well.

In addition to facelift surgery, Dr. Stong offers Atlanta patients the following related facial surgeries and procedures.

· Blepharoplasty
· Botox
· Cervical /Neck Liposuction
· Chin/Cheek Augmentation
· Eyelid Lifts
· Facial Fillers
· Facial Liposculpture
· Facial Paralysis
· Fat Transfers
· Forehead/Brow Lifts
· Lip Enhancement
· Midface Lift Surgery
· MOHS/Skin Cancer Reconstruction
· Neck Lifts
· Oculoplastic/Eyelid Surgery
· Otoplasty
· Rhinoplasty
· Scar Revision
· Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation

As a facelift surgeon who has traveled worldwide to practice his facial surgeries, Dr. Stong is an extremely talented and meticulous facial surgeon. And, as an outstanding Atlanta facial surgeon, Dr. Stong is the facial surgeon you want to perform any facial surgeries you may want or need.

Contact Dr. Stong and see what this talented Atlanta facelift surgeon can do for you.  You won’t regret it.

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Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC serves clients in Atlanta Georgia and throughout the United States.

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