The Chin and Nose Correlation

The facial features all impact each other and contribute to the harmony and balance of the face. When a nose looks too large or overbearing, it is not always due to its actual size. The chin shape can drastically impact the appearance of the nose. This chin and nose correlation are important when striving to create a balanced appearance to the face. If a chin looks too small or a nose looks too large, it may require adjustments to one or both to create a balanced face.

Correcting Facial Balance with Chin Enhancement

A nose can appear too large due to a receded or weak chin. When the jaw is smaller, it pronounces other features like the nose and forehead. Often, enhancing the chin can balance the features. A chin enhancement procedure can change the shape of the face to make the nose look smaller.

A chin enhancement can be accomplished with a few different procedures. In some cases, facial fillers can be used to temporarily change the shape of the chin. Permanent options require plastic surgery. Usually a chin implant or bone grafting is used to reshape the chin and jawline, balancing the face shape and other features.

Rhinoplasty for Facial Harmony

If the nose is too large, rhinoplasty can be used to reduce the size and reshape the nose. This can help balance the face, even making a chin look more pronounced. If a combination of a weak chin and larger nose are present, a dual procedure of a chin implant and nose reduction may be needed to create the desired result.

If you feel like your nose is too large or your chin is receded, consult a facial plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty, chin enhancement or a combination of both may offer solutions to create attractive balance in your facial features.

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Do I Need Plastic Surgery for a Nose Fracture?

A basketball to the face or impact in an auto accident can cause a nose fracture. Many broken noses do not require medical attention or surgery. While painful, a small crack in one of the nasal bones will not necessarily impact breathing, the sinuses or look of the nose. However, when more serious fractures occur, the nose can be altered in shape. If not quickly corrected, you’ll be stuck with a misshaped nose. Surgery for a nasal fracture repair may be needed to return your nose to the desired shape.

When a nose fracture occurs, you can reset the bones within the first two weeks in some cases. If one of the bones has just shifted, a plastic surgeon or other doctor can move the bone back into place. Adjusting the bones and securing them in place while they heal can restore the shape of the nose. However, some broken noses may require rhinoplasty to fix. The bones must completely heal, then surgery can be used to reshape the nose.

Rhinoplasty for a Broken Nose

If you are left with a crooked or crushed nose after an accident, rhinoplasty may be needed to change the shape. This can be an opportunity to not only restore your nose but improve on the shape. If you have always wanted to lose the hump on your bridge or change the tip, this is your opportunity. Plus, nose work can open sinuses and help with breathing issues caused by the fracture accident.

A fracture of the nose can alter your appearance if the bones are out of place. Seek the assistance of a facial plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty to restore the beauty of your nose.

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Does a Nose Fracture Require Plastic Surgery?

A broken nose or a nose fracture are a common injury. Whether it occurs in an auto accident from a blow to the face from an air bag or a ball to the nose when playing your favorite sport, the pain is immediate, and a nose bleed is almost guaranteed. However, many nose fractures are minor and can be remedied with a quick repositioning of the nose to allow it to heal correctly. But when the damage is more substantial, or the “quick repositioning” does not heal correctly, plastic surgery can be an option for repair.

Plastic Surgery for Nose Fractures

There are two reasons that most people consider plastic surgery for a nose fracture. The most serious is impact to the nose structure, affecting breathing and the sinus passages. This is a functional and health issue that should be remedied for the comfort and wellness of the patient. The second is aesthetic concerns. If the nose is crooked or misshapen, it can affect the appearance of the face since the nose is the central feature. Oftentimes, both occur, and plastic surgery can be beneficial for cosmetic and functional purposes.

When correcting a nose fracture, an experienced rhinoplasty or facial reconstruction surgeon can ensure that the nasal passages are open and functional. They can also reshape the nose if the bridge or tip are off-center or no longer aligned. In most cases, both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the surgery can be performed at once and ensure that the patient has restored breathing and an improved appearance.

If you sustain a nose fracture and are concerned about the lasting impact on your breathing function or appearance, see an experienced facial plastic surgeon right away for a consultation.

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3 Things to Consider Before Getting Rhinoplasty

The “nose job” or rhinoplasty is one of the top requested facial plastic surgeries in both men and women. In 2016, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported 223,018 procedures performed for nose reshaping in the U.S. While it can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of many people, helping them feel more confident, it is still a major decision and there are significant factors to consider. If you are thinking about undergoing rhinoplasty, here are three things you should consider.

Shape and Size

Just because a certain size or shape of nose looks attractive on one person, that does not mean it is right for your features. You want a nose that blends with your face and looks natural. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can help you find a nose shape that will complement your best features and look natural.


Rhinoplasty is not a surgery that should be performed too early in a person’s life. Many teenagers may think they want to change their nose, but often it is best to wait until adulthood before making such a drastic change to their appearance. Consider waiting at least until your late teens before considering rhinoplasty.

Qualified Plastic Surgeon

The nose is the central feature of the face. You want a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty for the best results. Choose a qualified, experienced facial plastic surgeon that has proven results in this specialized procedure.

Rhinoplasty can have a positive impact on your appearance and self-confidence, but you want to make sure you consider all the factors before you choose this surgery. Take the time to research the procedure and the plastic surgeon you choose to ensure you get the results you desire.

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Benefits of Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or the “nose job” is a popular plastic surgery for men. Although women are more likely to have plastic surgery, more men are undergoing surgical options to improve their appearance. Rhinoplasty is one of the top cosmetic surgeries for men – having a drastic impact on their overall appearance. Here are some of the benefits of rhinoplasty for men.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most impactful facial changes that can be made through surgery. The nose is the center of the facial features, but it should not detract from the eyes, mouth or rest of the face. Nose surgery can ensure that all the features blend together for symmetry and balance, without the nose overpowering or causing distraction.

For most men, rhinoplasty has slightly different goals than for women. Women may want a smaller or more delicate nose, but that is not always the case with men. Men may want a nose that is more masculine or pronounced to fit into their features. If they do want a reduction of a nasal hump or drooping nasal tip, they still want to retain a strong masculine nose. Many men only want a crooked or broken nose fixed, without a change in size or overall shape.

A well-shaped nose can benefit the attractiveness for a man. Correcting imperfections can help blend this important feature into the face, while defining the nose can make the chin and jawline more prominent for a masculine appearance that is often desired by men.

Transforming the nose can boost the self-esteem and confidence of many men who are unhappy with their appearance. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty can ensure that the surgery corrects issues while keeping the overall facial features in balance.

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5 Common Reasons for Rhinoplasty

In 2015, an estimated 138,258 rhinoplasty surgeries were completed in the U.S. Nose shaping surgery has been one of the top plastic surgeries performed for decades, in the top 5 cosmetic surgeries for men. While many may think rhinoplasty is for those who want a smaller nose, this is only one of the reasons men and women have this surgery performed. Here are 5 common reasons people choose to undergo rhinoplasty to improve their appearance or health.

  1. Crooked nose. A break in the cartilage of the nose is common from injury, causing a crooked or imbalanced nose. Rhinoplasty can straighten and repair a crooked nose after injury and improve breathing capabilities.
  2. Too large. Reducing the size of the nose is one of the top reasons people choose rhinoplasty, but certainly not the only one.
  3. Wide nose. Large nostrils or a wide base is another reason men and women seek to have their nose reshaped through cosmetic surgery.
  4. Hump or bulge. A hump on the bridge of the nose or a bulbous tip are other shape issues that can be resolved through rhinoplasty.
  5. Nose augmentation. Not everyone wants to reduce the size of their nose. Some augmentation procedures for the nose include adding depth to the bridge or lengthening the tip. These are common in ethnic or Asian rhinoplasty, where the nose is smaller and flatter and the patient wants a more pronounced nose structure.

When undergoing rhinoplasty, it is crucial to find a plastic surgeon that has extensive experience and proven results performing this delicate procedure. If you are considering rhinoplasty, check credentials and testimonials of your plastic surgeon to ensure you choose a qualified and talented surgeon.

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What to Expect After Rhinoplasty Surgery

After your nose revision surgery (or rhinoplasty surgery), you will be sent to the recovery area and later you will go home.  Most people go home the same day.  You will have a splint in place over your nose, and your nose may feel tender and bruised.  Bruising around the nose and under the eyes is common after rhinoplasty surgery. 

When you arrive in the recovery room, it may feel as if you can’t breathe through your nose.  Your nose may have packing in it.  To make sure that you are receiving enough air, you may have a monitor on your finger recording your oxygen levels.  Your mouth may become very dry from breathing through your mouth during this time.  There may also be some drainage that gives you a funny taste in your mouth.  You may brush your teeth as often as needed to help with this funny taste or swish and swallow water or mouth wash to help.

You may also have an ice pack or cold compress on your face and nose.  This will help decrease the swelling associated with the surgery.  You should use this compress as directed, and continue to use it at home for the first week or two weeks after surgery.

You will wear a splint after surgery for one to two weeks.  Do not remove the splint unless instructed to do so, and do not blow your nose.  You may feel ‘stuffy’ after rhinoplasty surgery.  Talk to your surgeon is this becomes severe, as he can help you with some medications.  It may take several weeks for the majority of the swelling to go down, but then the ‘new nose’ can make its public appearance!