Plastic Surgery for Skin Cancer Removal

Skin cancer affects millions of people in the U.S. each year. When identified early and removed, most types of skin cancer are treatable. Moh’s surgery is one of the most effective ways to remove skin cancer cells and stop the spread of this deadly disease. Unfortunately, this surgery does require layers of skin and tissue be removed to ensure all the cancer is gone. To reduce disfigurement, plastic surgery can be performed during or after Moh’s surgery to preserve a natural appearance.

Many skin cancer lesions appear on the face, neck, arms or chest where the skin is more likely to be exposed. When skin cancer is removed through Moh’s surgery, it can leave a hole where the skin and tissue was removed. While many surgeons and dermatologists can perform Moh’s surgery, they may not have the skills to restore the skin and tissue appearance.

Restoration Facial Plastic Surgery

Many times, skin cancer can occur on facial features. When removed with Moh’s surgery from eyelids, lips or the nose, it can alter the appearance of the face. Facial reconstruction to restore the skin and tissue can help patients recovering from skin cancer feel and look like themselves again. Noses can be reshaped; lips or eyelids can be reconstructed. Skin, cartilage and tissue grafts can be used to replace what was removed during skin cancer removal.

If you or a loved one is facing skin cancer removal or already had Moh’s surgery, consider consulting a plastic surgeon. There are options available to reconstruct lost skin and tissue from Moh’s surgery and restore a natural appearance. Fighting cancer is difficult enough – survivors deserve to look and feel like themselves after the cancer is removed.

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Mohs Surgery

Finding out that you have cancer can be a devastating moment in your life. Recent numbers show that one in every five Americans will probably develop skin cancer at some point in life. Since we don’t hear about skin cancers as much in the news as breast, colon, or lung cancer it may be surprising to learn that almost 80 percent of cancers are on the neck, scalp, or face. When cancer is found in these parts of the body, Mohs surgery is a technique that many doctors like to use if they can. Mohs surgery has improved the removal of cancerous tissue that used to be done only by excision. 

Mohs surgery is done to remove as much of the skin cancer as possible while doing minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. It is a precise surgical technique that progressively removes layers of cancerous skin until only healthy tissue remains. Repeated procedures are done, typically as outpatient procedures, by using a local anesthetic. 

Mohs surgery is especially preferred by doctors when patients have cancer in areas where they want to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. As opposed to breast cancer where a mastectomy can be performed, when cancer is on the face or hairline, there is not an option to remove a large area of surrounding tissue. Mohs surgery is precise enough to target specific cancer tissue. Dermatologists are trained to perform Mohs, but many patients choose to trust a plastic surgeon who will partner with a cancer specialist. A plastic surgeon who specializes in Mohs surgery understands how the incisions can best be reconstructed for minimal scarring. 

If you are faced with having to undergo Mohs surgery, talk to your trusted plastic surgeon about using meticulous care during surgery.

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