Are Your Earlobes Too Long?

Earlobes are soft and pliable, allowing them to easily be pierced to wear jewelry and enhance your style. The problem is that this can leave them vulnerable to stretching. Earlobes can become elongated over time from wearing heavy earrings or gauges. The result is stretched, hanging earlobes that look abnormal. To fix this issue, cosmetic surgery is needed to change the shape and length. An earlobe reduction is an outpatient procedure that can help restore a youthful, balanced appearance to the ears.

How is an Earlobe Reduction Performed?

Earlobes can be lifted and reduced in an office visit to a facial plastic surgeon. Local anesthesia is used to numb the ear. If the piercing hole is stretched, this can be repaired by suturing skin from inside the hole to close the hole completely. If the lobes hang low, the skin may be needed to be opened and tissue removed to reshape and lift the earlobes.

This is an outpatient procedure that can take about 1 to 1 ½ hours or less, depending on what needs to be done. The earlobe heals over the next 2 weeks – earlobes tend to heal quickly. For those that want to re-pierce their ears, it is possible. Once the lobes completely heal, piercing can be done to allow for jewelry use again.

Earlobes stretch from jewelry, gravity, age and changes in the tissue. If you have earlobes that are too long, you can have them altered to look more balanced with your ears and facial features. Contact a facial plastic surgeon that offers earlobe repair or reductions to learn more about lifting or repairing your earlobes in a quick, outpatient procedure.

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