Questions to Ask a Potential Plastic Surgeon

When you decide to have plastic surgery, one of the most important choices you need to make is who will perform your procedure. While all plastic surgeons receive extensive education and training, there is a significant difference in their skills and experience. You should take the time to find the right surgeon for your procedure. Here are questions to ask potential plastic surgeons to find the best professional for your surgery.

Did you complete any specialized training or fellowships?

There are plastic surgeons that performed the bare minimum of post-medical school training and those that spent extra years honing their skills. Highly qualified plastic surgeons may have completed one or more fellowships to get the best training available.

What credentials have you gained as a plastic surgeon?

Learn more about what credentials your potential surgeon has earned in their field. Are they members of any hospitals, associations or committees? Have they been published for their work? What field of plastic surgery do they have the most experience?

Do you have testimonials or before and after results I can see?

You want a plastic surgeon that is an expert in the type of surgery you are planning. A plastic surgeon may be recognized for his work in tummy tucks but may have very little experience in rhinoplasty. Find a surgeon that has excellent results and testimonials from patients that have had the same procedure as you are planning.

Just because a friend or family member had good results with one plastic surgeon does not mean they are the right doctor for you. Take the time to find a highly skilled plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with to ensure you make the right choice when choosing the person who will perform your surgery.

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