Eliminate Bat Wings with an Arm Lift

When you wave to say hi or goodbye to acquaintances, do your upper arms wave too? Sagging skin, tissue and fat on the upper arms can create “bat wings” that are unattractive when you wear sleeveless attire. If you want to restore firmness and slim your upper arms, you may need more than diet and exercise to obtain the results you desire. An arm lift can remove excess fat and skin, eliminating those upper arm bat wings.

What is an Arm Lift Surgery?

Loose tissue that hangs under the upper arms usually occurs due to aging and weight fluctuations. Gaining weight on the upper arms can stretch the skin – even when weight is lost, the skin may not return to its former shape. The skin also loses elasticity with age as collagen and elastin production wane. The result can be stretched, swinging skin and tissue under the upper arms that can be embarrassing. At a certain age, surgery may be the only option to restore firmer, youthful upper arms.

An arm lift surgery addresses the excess skin, fat and tissue that create bat wings. The procedure usually includes using liposuction to remove excess fat to slim the arms. The excess skin can also be trimmed and tightened to create firmer upper arms. Experienced plastic surgeons can carefully hide the incisions to ensure there are not any obvious scars from the procedure.

If you want the option to wear sleeveless shirts without exposing sagging skin and fat, an upper arm lift may be right for you. Contact a local experienced plastic surgeon to learn more about arm lifts to eliminate your bat wings for good.

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