V to Y Lip Augmentation

If you have tried lip fillers and lip plumping and are not satisfied with the look, you may want to consider a V to Y lip lift.  This common lip enhancement procedure will help ‘fill out’ your lips permanently, and does not require any follow up injections or augmentation fills in the future.

A V to Y lip lift is a procedure that starts with two small incision lines.  These incisions are then the place that allows for the plumping to occur.  With a V to Y lip lift, part of your inner lip is actually ‘pulled’ out allowing the visible portion of the lip to look larger and fuller.  No fillers are used.  The result is a pouty, French smile, much like that of Angelina Jolie!

V to Y lip procedures are ideal for individuals who have smaller lips, or thin lips.  Also, as we all age, our lips lose their natural ‘plumpness’ and seem to fade into the background.  A V to Y lip procedure results in a great lip line, and terrific, kissable lips!

V to Y lip procedures take about two to three weeks to fully recover from, but once the initial mild bruising and swelling have receded, you will be left with permanently attractive lips!  At your initial consultation, the physician will review with you anticipated recovery time.  Other lip enhancement topics will also be covered, to make sure you are left with the best lips possible!

A great smile begins with great lips.  If you would like to increase your lip fullness, consult your local facial cosmetic surgeon.

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