Benefits of a Lip Lift

When you see candid pictures of yourself, do you tend to look like you are frowning or sad? As you age, your lips can begin to sag and droop, creating a perpetual sad or upset appearance. The lips can also lose volume, becoming less voluptuous and thinner. To rejuvenate your lips and facial appearance, a lip lift from a talented facial plastic surgeon can give you a more youthful smile.

Corner Lip Lift

One of the most common lip lifts for combatting aging is the corner lip lift. This is a fairly simple plastic surgery procedure that elevates the corners of the mouth. This can reduce the sad look or frown that occurs in some people as they age. This can often be performed under local anesthesia with a quick recovery and limited downtime.

Bullhorn or Subnasal Lip Lift

Another type of lip lift that is commonly performed is the subnasal lip lift, also referred to as the bullhorn lip lift. This procedure lifts the upper lip to give it more balance. A small incision is made between the base of the nostrils and the upper lip, tightening and raising the upper lip. This can make the upper lip appear to have more volume and naturally show more of the upper teeth. The subnasal lip lift can be performed on both younger and older patients that appear to have a longer or thin upper lip. It can also be combined with a corner lip lift if necessary.

Lip lifts offer a permanent solution to aging lips. If you are ready to explore rejuvenating your lips and smile, call your local facial plastic surgeon that specializes in lip lifts.

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