Are Your Lips Making You Look Older?

Most people think that crow’s feet around the eyes or forehead wrinkles are the tell-tale signs of getting older. However, lips can be just as revealing. As you get older, your lips can thin and small wrinkles can appear around the outside. Women who wear lipstick may notice small lipstick lines that “bleed” and leave lines of color around the lips.  Your lips can become thinner, with less volume. So how do you keep your lips looking younger?

Changes to Aging Lips

Your lips have the thin skin covering them, making them vulnerable to wrinkles. The protective layer of oils and water is also thinner than other types of skin. Exposure to the sun and elements can causing wrinkling on and around the lips, even quicker than other areas like the eyes and forehead.

In addition, the lips, like other skin, loses collagen and the fat layer under the skin as it ages. This leaves the lips looking thin, without the soft volume that is usually common when you are younger. Lips are less voluptuous and can become much smaller in size.

Combatting Aging Lips

There are ways to combat aging in your lips, helping you look younger. First, lips like all skin need sunscreen and moisture to fight early aging. Secondly, a cosmetic surgeon can offer several ways to reverse the aging issues like wrinkles and less volume. Temporary fixes can include fillers that can reduce lines and wrinkles or add volume to the lips. Permanent solutions include fat transfers and lip lifts that can bring back the youthful look to your lips and smile.

Don’t let your lips give away your age. Consult a plastic surgeon to explore cosmetic options to give your lips a younger appearance.

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