Considering A Neck Lift?

As some of us age, we begin to see the downward effects of gravity’s pull on our necks. and most of us, even if just for one fleeting moment, dream about having our sagging necks surgically corrected. Today’s advanced techniques have greatly eased the process, making it no longer something just for the rich and famous. There are now a variety of procedures to greatly improve the appearance of the neck. These procedures range from quick and easy cosmetic treatments to longer procedures requiring precautions for pain and limited activity for a period of time. 

What we see as sagging necks are the vertical bands that attach from the bottom of the neck to under the chin. A neck muscle separates creating these cords with a bulging pad of fat between the muscles and excess skin. This creates that turkey gobbler deformity that we are all horrified to first notice in our mirror. Botox can be used as a treatment to eliminate or lessen the visual presence of the bands, but, by itself, does not create much of a change. 

Therefore, in order to remove the appearance of bands or cords in the neck, along with any excess fat and extra skin, a neck lift is performed. The procedure usually lasts only one to two hours. Often, because of the incisions necessary to remove the extra neck skin, a neck lift is performed in conjunction with some type of a facelift. Since the skin of the neck affects the chin, and the skin of the chin affects the face (you get the picture), it is simpler and more beneficial to combine these procedures. During consultation, your plastic surgeon will help you determine your concerns and plan the procedure to meet your specific goals.

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