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Benjamin C. Stong MD | New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Benjamin C. Stong MD | New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Benjamin C. Stong MD | New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC - (404) 963-6665

Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC is a facial plastic surgery practice located in Atlanta, Georgia and serving patients in New York and around the United States.  Founder Benjamin Stong is a Board Certified facial plastic surgeon and completed a Fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Manhattan and the greater New York area.  Dr. Stong is recognized throughout the country for Rhinoplasty and Face Lifts.  Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery offers the following procedures:

Mohs reconstructive Surgery
Rhinoplasty Surgery
• Midface lifts
• Scar Revision
• Laser surgery procedures/skin resurfacing
• Botox/fillers
• Facial paralysis
• Blepharoplasty/eyelid lifts
• Facial liposculpture/fat transfers
• Neck/cervical liposuction
• Cheek and chin augmentation
• Lip enhancement/augmentation

Dr. Stong is deeply committed to improving the lives of his patients.  In addition to cosmetic procedures he also performs reconstructive surgeries to repair facial disfigurements due to trauma, birth anomalies and cancer.  He believes in doing the right surgery for the right patient and works passionately to help each patient
feel great about his or her appearance.

Dr. Stong has vast experience in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and applies the most advanced techniques in facial plastic surgery in order to provide superior, long lasting results.  His goal is to restore form and function for patients with facial disfigurements.  His cosmetic procedures allow patients to maintain a natural, balanced, more youthful appearance.

Your face is the first impression people have when they meet you.  If you are currently unhappy with your facial appearance, or if you would like to get more information on any of the available cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, please give Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery a call today.  We will schedule a free consultation with Dr. Stong at your convenience.  We look forward to working with you.

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