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Benjamin C. Stong MD | Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Benjamin C. Stong MD | Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Benjamin C. Stong MD | Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Benjamin C. Stong, M.D. is a talented facial plastic surgeon and the founder of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Patients come from Boston, and all over the country to experience amazing results from Dr. Stong’s procedures.  Following is a list of some of the most popular cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedures regularly performed by Dr. Stong:

• Mohs reconstructive Surgery
Rhinoplasty Surgery
• Midface lifts
• Scar Revision
Laser surgery procedures/skin resurfacing
• Botox/fillers
• Facial paralysis
• Blepharoplasty/eyelid lifts
• Facial liposculpture/fat transfers
• Neck/cervical liposuction
• Cheek and chin augmentation
• Lip enhancement/augmentation

Dr. Stong is trained in the most advanced facial plastic surgery techniques.  He applies these techniques to provide superior, long lasting results for his patients.  He is committed to helping patients maintain a natural, balanced, more youthful look. 

Dr. Stong is nationally recognized for his work in Rhinoplasty and Face Lift procedures among others.  In addition to helping patients improve their appearances, Dr. Stong’s practice is also dedicated to the repair of facial disfigurements due to trauma, birth anomalies, and cancer.  He performs reconstructive surgeries to help patients restore both form and function.

Your face is the first impression people have of you.  If you are not currently happy with your appearance, Dr. Stong can help.  Don’t spend another day worrying about your appearance without calling and scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Stong.  He is a dedicated, compassionate facial plastic surgeon and enjoys helping patients feel great about their appearances. 

Please give Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC a call today and schedule your free consultation.  We will set up a time that is convenient with your schedule.  We look forward to working with you.

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